Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fabulous Fifteen

Helllllooooo friends!  And HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

It has been the best day!  And trust me, I am feelin’ it!  This morning I had a PR of 15 miles!!  I cannot properly tell you through words just how excited I am!  There is no way I can put enough exclamation points on this screen!!!  I could try, but I’ll spare you;-)

But what amazed me even more than the distance, was the pace I kept.  I averaged a 9:06/mile pace, making my finish time 2:16:36!  Wheeee!  I am still in shock.  Here’s the rundown,

MILE 1 9:20
MILE 2 8:57
MILE 3 8:51
MILE 4 8:53
MILE 5 9:17
MILE 6 8:52
MILE 7 8:58
MILE 8 9:31
MILE 9 8:50
MILE 10 9:08
MILE 11 8:44
MILE 12 8:52
MILE 13 8:59
MILE .1 :39
MILE 14 8:27
MILE 15 10:10


TIME:  2:16:36

PACE: 9:06/MILE, 6.6 MPH

Um, yeah…who am I?!?!  What else is pretty cool is that I have had a goal of breaking 2 hrs for my half mary next month in Kansas City.  I have completed 2 half marathons and have finished just a few minutes over 2 hours in both of them.  So I have really wanted to try and break that 2 hr mark!  Today, I stopped at the 13.1 mark, did a little happy dance, took a picture of my watch to mark the occasion,September10 001and paused just long enough to enjoy the moment, then proceeded to run a little longer:-)

I took a Hammer Gel (Thank you SISTER!!!!!) at mile 7, and half a Clif Shot at mile 12 1/2.  I also stopped at several water fountains to drink water.  I think a Gatorade/water mix would’ve been good but I haven’t ever done it.  Maybe I’ll try next week.  Just something to get some more fluid and electrolytes in my system.

I made it home with just enough time to take a quick shower and grab some breakfast and jet to church.  I keep forgetting my blow-dryer at the cabin, so I went with semi-wet hair…oh well.  I don’t think God minded;-)

We are continuing our “What if you had a month to live?” series.  It is so great, and I can see it changing my life and the lives of others around me.  Today’s topic was Living Passionately.  It was perfect…of course it was, LORD;-)  I’m just crazy about you, Father!

This afternoon we went to a birthday party for one of Katie’s friends and had a great time.  Katie and Zachary skated for 2 hours and probably have many many bruises that will show up by morning!  They were both skating much better by the time we left, though.  Now we are back home ready to collapse! September10 004 September10 008September10 016 September10 011 

Alright, folks…I am going to sign off and enjoy the rest of the evening with my family.  The Colts are playing in an hour, so we are gearing up for some Manning vs.. Manning football!  Go Peyton!!!  He’s a UT boy, ya know?!

Have a good evening!


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