Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One Month To Live

Think about this for a moment if you will…

Imagine getting up in the morning, going into the bathroom [come on, you know we ALL have to first thing!], and finding $86,400 laying on our bathroom counter.

Got your attention, right?! 

Ok, also imagine that along with that stack of moolah is a note from God telling you to use it as you see fit.  It is yours.  A gift.  No strings attached, no tricks.  You can do whatever you want with it, but you MUST use it…no saving it!  But the good news:  you will get the same amount tomorrow morning, and the morning after that, and the morning after that, and so on…  Here’s Katie’s illustration;-)moneyfromgod

WOW!  What will you do with it?!  There are probably a million different things running through your head right now, right?  Perhaps a new car, pay off student loans, help out a friend, go on vacation??  The possibilities are almost endless!

Exciting?  Oh yeah.

Now before you start thinking, “Yeah, right,” hear me out.  God DOES INDEED give us a gift each and every morning to use however we see fit.

Each morning, He gives us the 86,400 SECONDS that are in that day.  86,400 seconds to do with whatever we want.  We can use them however we choose.  And TOMORROW, we will be given this gift again.  No, it’s not cold hard cash…it’s BETTER!  It’s LIFE!  And trust me, until you have had your life directly threatened, like mine, you have NO IDEA just how precious a gift this is. 

I get up every morning and thank God “for the opportunity to wake up and enjoy another day that He’s created”…yes, these are my words E-X-A-C-T-L-Y.  And for the last [almost] 2 years, this how I have begun every prayer, every morning.  Each day is a GIFT.  And we should be living as if we want it to count for Him. 

God wants us to LIVE LIFE, AND ENJOY IT! Not to just float through life with no purpose or excitement…but to live it with all the excitement that you have on the best roller coasters!  Yes!

SO, to testify to that, we had the best day yesterday.  Jack said that when he was at work, he was thinking ABOUT HOW BEST TO USE his 86,400 seconds!  It captivated his heart, and his mind…and he wasn’t even there on Sunday morning!  This is what he got from me telling him all about it when he got home that evening.  Wow.

And I was the same way in MY day.  I was constantly thinking how to best use my time, and how I could please God with the time I’ve been given.  It is an amazing day-changer.  As a result, I was on facebook less…hmmmmm…..;-) LOL

We also made a point to ask the kids how they spent their 86,400 seconds, and how they used their gift from God.  It was a total bonding moment for our family, wrapped up in a gift from God.  I am in awe at how He works sometimes;-)  And I’m excited to see what He has in store next! 

If anyone is interested, you can view the Sunday sermons from our church here.  And the One Month To Live site is here.  You will be forever changed, I promise. 

Have a great day everybody!  And make the most of it…you still have half of your day’s seconds left to make a difference;-)

Love you!


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