Saturday, September 18, 2010

Training Run

This morning Tyler and I went on a training run for his cross country meet this coming Wednesday.September10 027

The course is 3.1 miles, mostly gravel but with a paved hill.  And when I say hill, I mean HILL.  And this is the Ozarks, we KNOW hills.  But this hill is ridiculous.  It’s 1/2 mile long and is smack in the middle of the course.  Oh, and starting up it I almost maced a dog.  Awesome.

September10 039

Despite the sweat and moaning about the hill, we had a great run.  I love running with Tyler, and am so glad that he’s my running buddy.  He is an amazing kid, and I love him more than words can say.  I love how hard he works when he wants something…he’s such a perfectionist!  Wonder where he gets that??….  I’d say he got a good dose of it from both of us;-) 

He really wants to medal again at this week’s meet…he got 24th out of 80+ this week and he wants to keep medaling at every meet.  I’ll let you know how he does at Wednesday’s race!September10 032  September10 035 September10 036 September10 037 September10 038 September10 039   

AND then my kid decided he wanted to race me back to the car…um yeah guess who won that?!  Stinker;-)September10 044

Check out my newest BondiBand!!!  I LOVE IT!  It pretty much speaks for itself, don’tcha think? ;-)September10 045

Have a great weekend guys!


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