Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall Season

I love fall.

Anybody else?

I love it when I head outside in the morning, the feeling of the cool air on my arms makes me run back inside and grab my jacket.

The thought of blue jeans, piles of crunchy leaves, and fall festivals make my heart content.

The men-folk in my house, however, look forward to fall for other reasons.  There are several various “seasons” that begin when the leaves start to fall.  For the guys, gigging season, bow-hunting season, and deer rifle season are all causes to celebrate.  They begin looking through catalogs, checking out the latest and greatest hunting gear.  The TV is often turned to the outdoor network when the guys are home.  AND the sounds of my husband saying, “Don’t cook tonight, honey, we’ll bring back dinner!” ring throughout the house. 

[Don’t worry, I’ve been married long enough to know to that I should have a contingency plan should the big one get away;-)] 

Happy Hunting and Fishing, Boys!

On an unrelated note, my run this morning was phenomenal.  I was in awe every time I looked at my watch and was keeping up the fast pace!  I totally expected a slow down in this week of high mileage, but so far it’s not happening.  In fact, today was the fastest all week!  Check out these splits:

MILE 1 8:57
MILE 2 8:42
MILE 3 8:45
MILE 4 8:38
MILE 5 8:39
MILE 6 8:43
MILE 7 8:39
MILE 8 9:16


TIME: 1:10:23

PACE: 8:47/MILE - 6.8 MPH <-------Whaaaaaa???!!!

I don’t know what to attribute this to, but I am totally stoked!  I’m thinking hard about training for a full marathon…  What a great week for this runner! 

As I was thanking God for the great run this morning, for His protection and strength, I was reminded of the Runner’s Prayer.  I wanted to share it with you;-)

Great, right?!  Have a wonderful day y’all!  Use your 86,400 seconds wisely;-)


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Jen said...

I LOVE Fall! I love going out in the mornings and there is that little layer of coldness on the car windshield :)


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