Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living Passionately

Sorry for the disappearing act yesterday.  It was a crazy day, the start of yet another crazy week!  We have either a game or a meet every day this week…well, except Friday but that’s when payroll and bookkeeping work take over.

Yesterday was an act of carefully balancing kids and their activities.  Thankfully my dad could pick Zachary up from basketball practice at 430 because after Katie got out of Twirlers at 330 we had to head an hour away for Tyler’s baseball game, which started at 430.  Whew!  It worked out fine, even though bedtimes were a little skewed;-)  And Tyler won his game, yay Bulldogs!  Zachary’s first Jr. High basketball game is tonight at 5 so we are pretty pumped for his season to start. 

As I was sitting at the baseball game yesterday, I was thinking about all the stuff that needed to be done when we got home.  Laundry, kids’ homework, uniforms laid out, something that resembles dinner (yikes!), etc etc etc.  So all this is running through my head and I’m thinking about all that I really need to be doing rather than watching baseball.

Then suddenly our “One Month To Live” study popped into my head and I thought –Hmmm, if I only had one month to live, what would I want to be doing right now?--  Without even considering any other options, I KNEW that I would want to be right here, right now, relaxing and enjoying my son’s baseball game!  Soaking in every second, and being PRESENT.  Thank you, Lord, for the reminder;-)

This week’s portion of the OMTL study is focusing on Living Passionately.  I am really loving this week so far!  On Sunday, our pastor played this video that I thought pretty much says it all,

Great, right?  Certainly made ME think. 

On another subject, is Fall missing anywhere else around the country??  We have had a little taste of it, but now it’s back to highs of 90s again this week!  Ack!  Give me some Fall!  I just got back from a sweaty and humid 6.2 mile run this morning.  I finished in 56:02 and now I’m off to get one more piece of basketball apparel for Zachary’s game tonight…he just remembered he needed “ONE MORE THING” this morning!  Oh this precious child…;-) 

Have a blessed day:-)



Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

It's in the 90's here too! As much as I love warm weather, I'm hoping fall shows up soon, I want to run more :) Thanks for all your sweet comments, have a great day!

Jen said...

Fall seems to have left MI as well, it's back in the high 80's today. Yuck!


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