Friday, September 16, 2011

Three Years

Three years ago today I got the biggest shock of my life.

I was completely blindsided on a beautiful September morning.

I wrote about it on social media this morning: 


Instantly my world spun upside down and my heart dropped as the nurse on the phone said,

“You have breast cancer.  And we didn’t get it all.”

I found it hard to utter the words as I called my hubby and my momma.  Their strength and their calmness went straight to my soul during a time when my strength and sense of peace was nonexistent.

While my mind was still spinning and reeling from my diagnosis, my heart was fixed on my God.  My God who is faithful and worthy to be praised.  My God who has never let me down.  My God who is my constant anchor and My Rock. 

Here is look back at my previous cancer-versaries…

Just a day after my diagnosis in 2008, I wrote this post, titled “Rocked.”



Then, in 2009, while still undergoing treatment, I wrote “One Year” on my first cancer-versary.

October 09 046


Last year in 2010, on my second cancer-versary, my post was titled “SURVIVING.


So what did I do to mark the occasion today??

I got a manicure and had my nails painted bright pink! Winking smile 

While they were painting them, I was remembering during chemo how my fingernails (and toenails) all turned black and eventually fell off, it was so hideous.  I tried painting over them a time or two, but it wouldn’t ever really cover it.  Today, the pink was perfect.

But isn’t it always? Smile

My love to YOU for reading and sharing my journey with me.  Long may it continue!

Count your blessings & Check your boobies.


“Don’t be afraid, just believe.” Mark 5:36

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