Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Fall Run

Hey guys!


The weather here this morning was perfect for running: cool, breezy, and cloudy…ahhhh I love it!  It was awesome. 

But now that I’m done running, the sun can come back out!

I was just planning on doing a couple miles or so (yeah right, who am I fooling?!) just to stretch my legs and get the blood flowing after yesterday’s 10-miler, but a couple miles in felt so good that I just kept going.  7 miles later I decided to stop.


See the pretty consistent pacing?  Yes, that’s when I know it felt effortless.  My heart rate chart told me the same: 2011-09-22_1039garmin

I heart mornings like this. Smile JUSTKEEPGOINGSIGN



Yesterday was all about the run, too.  The second Cross Country meet of the season took place here yesterday (thank the LORD for local stuff!!).  Tyler has already medaled in the first race last week, taking 21st place and was looking to medal again.  You can check out last year’s post about it here.

His goal was met and he medaled again yesterday!  23rd place!! CC92111-2




Also, the night before last was Zachary’s first 8th grade basketball game!!!  I remember being in 8th grade, cheering of course Winking smile, and when our classmates were finally playing in the 8th grade it was a HUGE deal!  We were the “highlight game” now, the main event so to speak!  So I was so excited for him!  We lost the game, but now that the first-game jitters are out of the way we are ready to play ball.  Game TWO is TONIGHT!! IMG_3125


Fun, huh?!

I love my life.

We are also getting pretty excited up here in Cardinal Nation, as our ‘birds are making a run for the NL Wild Card!!!  We are only 1 1/2  games behind the Braves and are playing so well right now!  GO CARDS!

I can’t think of any more sports teams that I need to mention so I guess I’m going to go.  If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, have somebody come look for me under the humongous mountain of clothes in my laundry room.  It’s a good possibility I’ll still be folding it tomorrow.  Gah.

Cheer loudly, lift up others, and check your ta~tas- remember you’re never too young!


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