Friday, September 23, 2011

Countdown Motivation!




We are down to the ONE-MONTH mark until the inaugural St. Louis Rock N Roll Marathon!!!!

Am I really preparing to run my third marathon in a year?? 

Why yes…yes I am. Open-mouthed smile  And I’m getting excited!

With my second 40-mile week under my belt since my foot/ankle injury, I am feeling more confident.  I am hoping to get in an 18-miler next week, maybe a 20 the following week then it’s time to taper!  Of course, all this is contingent on my body holding up and not rebelling. 

Please, please, hang in there legs and feet!  I promise you will get a nice, long break afterwards!  And no full marathons for a long while! 

Seeing the medals this morning has me pretty pumped.  Aren’t they rockin’?!


Too bad I already ran this morning, because I could probably go right now after being on the marathon Facebook page.  Motivation!

Now I’m going to go browse Pinterest and look for something that looks yummy for dinner.  We get to stay home tonight!!!  WooHoo!!!!


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Motivation said...

That sounds so interesting...please keep on posting great blogs.

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