Sunday, September 4, 2011

Scan Report & Our Birthday Boy!

Heyyyy friends!! 

This is a catch up post of sorts, since I haven’t gotten to fill you in for a few days!

Starting with Friday (aka scan day): Simply put, It.went.great.  The hubs and I had a great trip to STL and Siteman to visit our favorite doctors.  As I described in my last post, today was my PET scan and mammogram.  Everything went perfectly, and YES, the PET scan was the most relaxing scan I’ve had to date.Winking smile  After they started my iv and gave a big ol’ cup of something not too tasty to drink, I got to kick back in the bed, with a warm blanket, and watch E! News and Kardashians in perfect peace.  Other than the anxiety of the test, it was very relaxing. Even better when my docs texted us later to say that the scans were CLEAN!!  AND my mammogram was good too y’all!! Yay!!  Praise God!!! 

Other than the clean scans, the other highlight of the day was this:

Seriously?!  Yup I guess we were driving along all kinds of moolah and didn’t even know it!  Crazy!

Yesterday was kind of a big day around here.  We celebrated Tyler’s 16th birthday with family and friends!  Little did Tyler know, the details of his present had been in the works all week long, and the logistics were still being finalized only minutes before everyone arrived. 

While he went with his cousin Brad to go “get ice", this was being brought up the driveway:

After hiding it in the shop [no windows, all the doors locked], Tyler and Brad brought the ice home and it was time to eat.  Or so he thought…

What followed was a set of clues to a Treasure Hunt that he, and his fellow treasure hunters, had to search for.  Fun?  We thought so!!





As the shop garage door opened, Jack started up the truck with the keyless entry and what followed was quite an emotional site! 

Before even looking at what exactly was in the shop, Tyler ran to his Daddy and practically tackled him!  It was the best and biggest bear hug to witness ever!! 


And then I got mine. Smile DSC02745


What an amazing moment.  There were a few tears, but they were very happy tears. I am so thankful that God blessed us with this amazing child way before we ever thought we were ready. Red heart





Thank You, Lord. Please guide him and protect him, as he leaves our sight occasionally. And let us be confident in our knowledge that he is never from YOUR sight, Father. Help him to make the decisions that YOU would have him to make and help him to be a blessing to all those around him. Oh- and did I mention protect him? Ok, ok…I know.  You got this.


Oh good, he’s back. Winking smile


And then it was time for cake!  Ethan was a GREAT help!  Thank you, Ethan!!


Gift with a bow Look at all those candles!  Birthday cake Happy Birthday to you!! StarDSC03037


Oh, little sisters…Winking smile  Better be nice if you want him to take you places, Katie! DSC03022

Ok, I’m emotionally exhausted now!  Have a good rest of your holiday weekend, guys. 

Love y’all!

Check your boobies, cherish every moment, and smile A LOT. 


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