Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Let’s Get Scanned

Soooooo, here it is Wednesday and I’m just now posting for the first time this week.  Oops! 

I actually started a post on Monday after I got home from my long run (10 miles), but got called away to do something else and there my post sat-unfinished and alone until I finally got home at 845 that night from Katie’s gymnastics class.  I was totally exhausted and out of inspiration so I just did the necessities [Sorry!] and fell into bed around 10.

Yesterday was more of the same, except it didn’t involve a run but DID involve a trip to PB with the hubs and a lunch date. Smile  I love him.  We are giddy-happy together.  Especially yesterday.  I promise I will fill you all in, in a few days.

Patience, people, patience.Winking smile  I know-it’s not my strong suit either.

So back to Wednesday.  Today has involved:

  • a big cup of coffee,
  • an even BIGGER load of laundry,
  • a 5-mile run on a tender ankle Annoyed,
  • some Jillian for strength-and our BONE HEALTH, GIRLS!,
  • some office work,
  • and eating my weight in watermelon.

Now it’s already after noon and I AM taking time to blog.  I’m actually also taking time to check into the details of my PET scan, which is Friday. 

You may remember from this post, that at my last check-up with my oncologist, which went great, I mentioned about getting a new body scan.  I haven’t had any scans (other than mammograms and breast MRIs) since before treatment began and I feel like I really need to SEE that I am still in remission and cancer-free.  Even though my dr doesn’t not necessarily feel like there is any indications to order such a scan, he obliged and ordered a PET scan for me anyway.  We heart him.

SO, Friday is scan day.  I’ve been looking over the details because I’ve never had a PET scan before.  CT scans, bone scans, MRIs, mammograms- YES…but no PET scan.  I’m going to consult with Tiffany before Friday and get more details from her, but I noticed on my sheet that I am to eat a low-carb diet the day before the scan.


I am marathon runner!  Carbs are my life!!  Everything I eat has carbs.  Not to mention that on the couple of times I have tried a low-carb type diet in the past [I mean WAY PAST here, y’all] I was not a pleasant person to be around.  It was brutal.  Oooh-weee!  So I’m trying to get my mind thinking about what I’m going to eat tomorrow that’s not high sugar/carbs.  Of course I’m over-acting this…I’ll manage.  But still!

But I did notice one big bright spot to the whole test process- other than it showing that I am still in remission of course.  Check this out:


Do you see what I see??!! 

“…rest quietly for 45-60 minutes…” 

Oh yeah, I can totally do low carb for this.  A PET scan may be a busy momma’s dream.  I’ll let you know!

And the mammogram is well, routine.  I’ve had plenty and since I still have my boobies, I’ll have many many more. 

LADIES, DO NOT DISREGARD THE IMPORTANCE OF GETTING YOUR MAMMOGRAMS.  They save lives.  Period.  What are you waiting for??  A quick and simple test to ensure that you have healthy TA~TAs is so worth it.

I personally am still laughing after watching this: 

I mean, really, if Jack Black can do it so can you. Laughing out loud

Have an awesome day, guys.

Love y’all!



Dixiechick said...

I just wanted you to know that I admire you so much! I have been reading your blog for awhile, and never commented, at least that I can recall. You have such amazing strength. I enjoy reading your post every day and secretly getting jealous over your amazing runs (lol)....Hope you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend with your famly.

Dixiechick said...

Oh, and good luck with your scan!

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