Friday, August 19, 2011

Still No Run

Hey Friday!  Are you glad the weekend is finally here?

Yes, me too.

Baby Blues - School2

This is the last weekend before school starts next Wednesday.  It really seems like summer just started, I can’t believe the new school year is here already!

Baby Blues - School Shopping

HAHAHA, I love Baby Blues cartoons!

What I REALLY can’t believe is that, as of Wednesday, I will have:

  • A 2nd Grader,
  • An 8th Grader, and
  • A Sophomore in High School!

The fact that Katie, my BABY, is going into second grade makes me sad that we will never have another Kindergartener or 1st grader…seems so weird, we’ve always had a younger elementary child and to know that we will never again be going back to here is mind-boggling kind of. 

And Zach going into eighth grade means it’s his last year in middle school, which means that Eighth Grade Graduation and HIGH SCHOOL is right around the corner…YIKES!!  I am SO not ready for my baby boy to be a high schooler.  

Tyler being a Sophomore this year is another mind blower for me.  It really just seems like I was just in tenth grade, like, yesterday!  My Sophomore year was my best year of HS: a huge state cheer squad, a driver’s license, and a new hottie boyfriend who stole my heart as quickly as he stole the opponent’s passes on the basketball court. was a great year.Open-mouthed smile  Oh wait, this was supposed to be about him, wasn’t it?  No, I cannot believe he’s going to be a sophomore and in less than a month, DRIVING!! Disappointed smile

Time moves so quickly; and it seems to be speeding up, not slowing down any.  If I could freeze time, I would, right NOW. 

Do you want to know what time is NOT passing quickly??  This.week.not.running.


Yes, this is the state of my ankle:

Let’s compare this to earlier in the week, shall we?:

So I don’t know if it’s any worse but at any rate, it still hurts.  I thought it was getting better about Wednesday or so, but if it was healing it’s completely stalled out now.  It hurts.  I can’t walk straight on it.  I’m limping.  Running is SO out of the question.

Of course this has me a tad stressed, and also questioning my upcoming marathon in October.  With an 18-miler already under my belt, I’m feeling confident distance-wise.  But if this injury doesn’t heal quickly or if it puts me out of training for very long, it won’t matter WHAT I’ve done previously. 


I have an appointment with my foot doctor on Tuesday so I’m hoping he can give me some good news.  If not, the inaugural St. Louis Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon may not be in the cards for me.  Maybe the half?  Who knows…  I’m praying for the best.

Remember my post on Pinterest the other day??  Well…thanks to the motivation I found during one of my many browsing sessions, I have completely redone and organized my kitchen cabinets!!  I mean, emptied every cabinet out completely, wiping them down, and reorganizing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.  It feels so good!  Of course, nobody knows where anything is yet, but they’re a smart bunch…they’ll figure it out.  But in the meantime it’s kind of funny to watch them open every door in the kitchen looking for the snack cabinet.Winking smile 

Next on my list, is my laundry room.

I’m gonna go for now…see y’all soon!

Make your time count, count your blessings, and check your ta~tas Red heart


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Sarah @ See Sarah Eat said...

Hope your ankle heals up and you get some good news from the doc :)

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