Friday, August 26, 2011

Can Anyone Freeze Time?

T.G.I.F.  Seriously.  Whew!

I know the kids have only been in school for three days, but I’m really glad Friday is here so we can recover and regroup over the weekend!  Thankfully, the next two weeks are four-day weeks so we really are easing into this school year.  Ok, by me!  Start slowly and in small steps…

All is going well with this school year so far.  The boys seem to like their classes {well, MOST of them} and Katie loves her teacher and the fact that she and Mrs. Grubb are cousins.  You know, at this age, kids think it’s cool to be related to EVERYBODY.  I remember when I was little that my friend, Heidi, and I would pretend that we were sisters…and not just any sisters, TWIN sisters.  I’m not sure how we conceived this idea given that everybody knew both sets of our parents and siblings, clearly we were not sisters.  And as for the twin thing- well, I was born in February and her birthday was July.  Guess we didn’t think that one out too well either.Winking smile


At any rate, Tyler went to school before 7am for cross country practice, and Zach and Katie at the normal time.  Ty wasn’t so keen on CC this morning…clearly he’s not a morning runner like his Momma!  Jack was taking him in to the school, and I had to think, “In two short weeks, he can drive HIMSELF to school for early morning practice.” 

I don’t think I like this.  At all. 

I am complete denial mode when it comes to him getting his driver’s license.



If anyone can figure out a way to freeze time, please let me know.  And maybe work quickly…I have less than two weeks. Winking smile

Have a awesome Friday.


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