Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 3-Year Blog~iversary!

Hey guys!!

Any chance you know what today is?? 

It’s ok, I didn’t really expect you to know, I just thought I’d ask. Winking smile

I can give you a hint:


Today is my 3-year blogiversary!!!  I really had no idea what the actual date was that I started this blog, but I knew it was August 2008.  When I looked at my post log this morning, I saw that my first post was three years ago TODAY, August 24, 2008!  Wow!!! Open-mouthed smile 


To date, I have written 585 posts- 228 of them about my fight with breast cancer.  Of course, this blog didn’t start as a breast cancer blog at all; I wasn’t diagnosed until September 16, 2008.  But my little nutrition and exercise blog definitely had a change of tune after my diagnosis. 

So what began as an online journal to share my eats, recipes, runs, and other modes of exercise has become my way of sharing my journey with breast cancer with others - a way to motivate, share, lift up, and encourage all who visit here, and most certainly, other women diagnosed with breast cancer.  Through my blog I have shared my thoughts and fears, prayers and hopes, my amazing family, and most of all my faith in the Lord.  It is my prayer that God would continue to use this blog for HIS purpose and that He alone would be glorified through it.  Like I’ve said before,

This is my story, for HIS glory.

Many Blessings to you.


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