Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Count Your Blessings


Yes folks, let’s count our blessings shall we?

In these days and times when we watch the news and scary things are happening all around the world, let’s remember to look for the positive instead of focusing on the negative and count our many blessings.

Here are some pics of Zachary’s birthday weekend on the lake:

Tyler, Katie, and I tubing:DSC02611

Sam, Zachary, and Elijah getting ready to take their turn:DSC02618

Tyler watching all the wipeouts:DSC02623

What a great way to spend a beautiful day, on the water on a pontoon:DSC02632

Jumping off the bluff:DSC02634

Tyler, Brad, and Elijah tubing:DSC02641

Katie was having a drama-filled tube trip and clearly I had no idea what to do!:DSC02647

Me watching everybody try to hang on!  And I will go ahead and mention it now because it looks so disgusting, but I forgot to wipe off the bottom of my feet when I got my spray tan the other day so that’s why they look majorly dirty!DSC02627

My beautiful Momma:DSC02626

And the stats from this morning’s run: 2011-08-10_0838garmin

Just a few of my blessings today.  Now I’m going to count soap as another blessing because I really stink from my run and have been sitting here in my own dried sweat for an hour now.  No big deal.

Have a good day, friends.

Count YOUR blessings.


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