Thursday, August 11, 2011

Find Your Motivation


And I realllllyyyyy enjoyed my run this morning!! 7 miles of cooler glorious-ness in beautiful God’s country! 

See?  Don’t I look happy??

I WAS!  Mainly because of that beautiful 67 in the corner Winking smile  Love love love cool mornings perfect for running.  And it really doesn’t get any better than morning workouts for me; it really sets the tone for my whole day.  Even on those mornings when I want to roll over and go back to sleep, I tell myself,

“You have never regretted a run.  But you HAVE regretted NOT going for one.”


“Think how good you will feel afterwards.”  [The proof for this one is evident in the picture above!]


Now I’m refueling with a protein packed green smoothie, and then going to play Polly Pockets with Katie.  I have the best job ever, seriously. Smile

Tyler is in a battle with some poison ivy/oak/sumac?? that he got into last week.  He has been through a steroid pack and has had a shot, but it is still pretty angry looking and he is itching like crazy.  Poor guy hasn’t slept well in several days. 

Zachary is working with Jack this week.  He said yesterday when they got home from work, “Man, when I feel like I want to just come back home, I get out my phone and add up what my paycheck is going to be on Friday.”  HeeheeWinking smile  Get your motivation wherever you can, son.

Here’s hoping you find your motivation today, too!


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