My New Fascination

Hey y’all!  How’s your middle-of-the-week treatin’ ya??

I am getting a little anxiety about school starting ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  Yes, there are clothes to be bought, shoes to be tried on, and mountains of supplies to be picked through- well, the boys don’t care what kind of supplies, if any, they get.  But Katie is quite the opposite.  I think I’m ready. Confused smile

I always loved school supplies shopping when I was a kid.  The full notebooks with clean sheets of paper just waiting to be written on, newly sharpened pencils, and cutesy book bag all made me very happy.  Call me a dork, I know.  But there was just something new and fresh about it that I loved.

I did not pass that trait on to my boys.

Something I am going to pass on to you, though, is my new fascination…


Ok, so I may be the last person in the world to hear of Pinterest but seriously it is the coolest thing ever.  What it is, basically, is

I have found absolutely everything under the sun there.  I now want to redecorate my entire house, organize my junk drawers, cook a slew of new recipes, and buy a label maker. 

Yes, a label maker.

For example, I want my hubby to build me this:

I want to cook this:

And I want to live this:

You may want to check it out and look around.  But I’m warning you, once you start browsing it’s hard to stop!




Denise said…
I loove label makers! I'm excited to check out Pinterest - thanks for sharing!
I adore Pinterest and sometimes I even get obsessed, haha :)

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