Friday, September 9, 2011

Run, Tyler!

Well the first Cross Country meet of the season is now behind us, and I think all the kids are so glad!

The first meet is always rough, especially THIS one.  It’s on a golf course with rolling hills and you have to run the course TWICE to get the 3.1 miles in, not to mention that it is a HUGE meet with MUCH bigger schools that us competing…that stinks.  Nobody really looks forward to this race, so it’s nice to have it over with and now we can move on with the rest of the season!  Conference races here we come! 

Tyler did good, considering all the above.  He finished in 60th place in a field of 112 Varsity boy runners.

I was yelling and cheering for him as he ran by us on the first loop.  Is it uncool for your Mom to yell,

“Run like it’s your birthday!”


Yeah, that’s what I thought.  It was funny though!  He even got a kick out of it. Winking smile

Zach and Katie did their thing at the meet.  Zach was a great spectator,

and Katie played so hard that we had a minor scratch incident which led to me bumming some wet wipes off a mama with a stroller-I KNEW she’d have some!  [Wet wipes are good for ANYTHING.  I miss them.]  So, crisis averted and it was back to playing. Smile


Tonight is more Bulldog Baseball!  We travel again tonight, so I have the Crock Pot humming along so we will have dinner when we get home tonight.  I’ve never done country style ribs in a crock pot so we’ll see how they turn out!  I’ll let you know the fam’s verdict.

This morning’s run was another cool and glorious one:


6.5 miles of lovely-ness.  Starts my day out right fo’ sho’.

Have a marvelous Friday, my friends.

Carry wet wipes, check your boobies, and do something nice for someone today.

Love y’all.


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