Run and Remember

Happy Sunday friends!  It is a BEAUTIFUL day out there!  A day to be thankful and remember.

I began this Day of Remembrance by doing my weekly long run for marathon training.  The inaugural STL Rock N Roll Marathon is October 23…eeek it’s NEXT MONTH! 

Since I am way off my training schedule, I was kind of undecided as to how far I would run today.  I did 18 miles the day my ankle tendonitis started, but that was 4 weeks ago and since then I’ve been focused on recovering and not doing too much so I’m wayyy off my training plan. 

So when I saw my sis-in-law, Kristy, running her 10 in prep for the RNR Half (Go K!!) and she asked how far I was going, I had no idea…just whatever felt good.


I was so excited that my ankle did great, my blister is completely healed and didn’t give me any fits, and I felt amazing for a half-marathon!  Yep, that’s right, 13.1 miles this morning in 2:01:58!!


Amazing runner’s high today!

And a voracious appetite! <----But no food in the house makes this not a good thing.  Ugh.

I came home after my run and iced my foot, and caught up on Twitter and Facebook while I was waiting for the 20 minute timer to go off.  It seems to take HOURS for those 20 minutes to pass.

Oh, and that’s Kinesio Tape on my foot.  I got some last week in hopes that I can use it to support my ankle instead of wear that darned brace.  So far so good!

Right now, I am getting my mind set for another busy week ahead:

  • Twirlers
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball practices (x5)
  • Cross Country Meet
  • Baseball games (x2)

And those are just the extracurriculars.  Whew! Winking smile


World Trade Center 9-11 cross 1

9-11 iwo-9-11-final




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