Operation: Blister Protection

After assembling what looked to be a mini-triage unit on my kitchen table this morning, I set out to fashion the best blister protection known to man woman. 

I had everything you could ever think of: peroxide, antibiotic ointment, tough strip bandaids, moleskin, scissors (to cut the moleskin, not me), and sterile gauze.  If I hadn’t thought of myself as the walking running wounded before, I surely had proof now that this was indeed the case.

After much perusing on Runner’s World online and Googling the “best way to protect blister,” I managed to fashion quite a sophisticated looking barrier.  I was proud.  “It’s already not as tender as yesterday,” I mused.

I proudly put on my sock, brace (<----hate it), and shoe, and headed downstairs to do an exercise DVD.

The result? 


I’m not sure that they even MAKE a barrier thick enough to keep me from feeling the razor like pain in my heel when I walk/run.  I give up.

The hubby told me last night that I really needed to just give my body a break, to let it rest and heal.  I know he’s right, but dang it stinks to admit it. Winking smile  Training for 3 marathons in one year is taking it’s toll on my body.  And I’m starting to feel it. 

Mainly in my left foot.  Grrr.  Clearly my positivity I was feeling last night is not winning at the moment. Winking smile

After the STL Rock N Roll Marathon (or Half- depending on healing), I am taking a much needed hiatus from marathon running for a little while.  A little break…not from running, but from training.

I’m off to rest and enjoy the holiday off today.  This week will be day-to-day as to how my foot feels for running, and well, wearing shoes.  If anybody has any good quick-healing open blister recommendations, I’m open to your suggestions!

I hope you’re enjoying your Labor Day!



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