Pink Socks & Jeanette vs. Jillian

Hey y’all!  How’s your Wednesday treating you?

It is another beautiful and COOL sunshiny day here in the Ozarks!  I have been craving these kind of days since our crazy hot summer…it’s almost soothing to walk out to the car in the morning and breathe in the cool air. 

Yesterday afternoon was Tyler’s baseball game, which we WON 7-6!!  It was a great game!  It’s so nice to be able to sit out and enjoy the game NOT sweating to death.


This morning, I’m not gonna lie, I taped the heck out of my blister and headed for a run.  I had already decided that if I felt any discomfort that I would stop and come home and just do my kickboxing and Jillian DVDs.  Discomfort came, and I stopped, totally at peace with it.  I know a day will come when I will run pain-free and I’m not going to push it until it does. 

I DID get some new running gear yesterday, though, that I pretty excited about!  Compression socks!!  Now I’ve heard of these quite a bit, but have never gotten a pair, or knew if I even NEEDED a pair.  Then last week, MizFit did an article about it, you can check it out here.  I loved the idea of supporting the muscles during my runs as well as aiding recovery afterwards, so I thought I’d give them a try!  Well, they came today from Zensah and although I haven’t run in them yet, I am loving them! 


Ok, maybe I love them because they are pink.  Don’t hate.Winking smile


But in all seriousness, they felt really good on my legs and I can totally see how they would give you that extra stability sometimes needed on long runs.  We’ll see!  Soon I hope! Fingers crossed

I wore the compression socks  during my kickboxing and Jillian workouts this morning [you can also just get the sleeves but I got the full socks to have the ankle support].

So, the kickboxing bootcamp is with celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins.  I heart her.  I wish she would move to Missouri and train me.  For free.  Ha!

The Jillian Michaels’ DVD I am doing is Ripped in 30.  The whole “ripped” thing sounds a little scary, but I promise it’s not…well, not all the time anyway. 

I wear my Garmin during these workouts so I can use the heart rate monitor and make sure that I am maintaining the right intensity during them.  Today it’s

Jeanette vs. Jillian

Who got my HR up the best today? 

Let’s check the stats:

We’ll start with Jeanette Jenkins’ Kickboxing Bootcamp from Exercise TV:


TIME: 45:02
AVG HR: 161
MAX HR: 180

Now for Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30- I did Week 4 today:


TIME: 29:01
AVG HR: 146
MAX HR: 175

I think Jeanette wins for today.  But you do have to take into consideration that I did Jillian’s DVD first, so my heart rate was going pretty good going INTO Jeanette’s kickboxing.  Regardless, they are both great workouts!

Allll-righty then.Smile  I’m off!

Give someone a high-five, check your ta~tas, and wear pink socks.



carla said…
You. Are. Too. Flipping. Cute.



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