Tuesday, November 13, 2012

First Fill!

Hey guys Smile

Do the trees still look like this where you live?


There are still a few trees hanging on to their leaves around here, and the ones that are, are VIBRANT!  This picture is beautiful but still doesn’t do it justice.  There are bright yellows and reds that still dot the woods.  Seriously, gorgeous.  I love Fall.  It is by far my favorite season.

We woke up to freezing temperatures this morning!  It was 23* at our house this morning!!  Those pretty leaves may not last much longer.  SO cold!


I’m going to back up to yesterday, though, because it was a good day.  I had a post-op appointment with my amazing plastic surgeon (who I LOVE, and seriously think we need to bond over green smoothies, quinoa, and beans).  She said that everything looked great and that I could have my first fill!!!!

Yay!  I was hoping she’d say that!

2012-11-12 001

Her plan for me today was to even up my expanders.  During surgery, she put 50cc less in my right side [cancer and previously radiated side], because she didn’t want to put any extra stress on the tissue.  So I’ve been a tiny bit lopsided – but really nobody could tell but me.  Luckily it’s been hoodie-wearing weather so that helped to disguise it even more.


So Marilyn, her wonderful nurse, brought in the syringes filled with sterile saline for the fill.

For the fills, each expander has a metal port.  Hmm, sounds like something else I’ve had before, huh?  They use a little “magnet finder” tool that locates the exact spot of the port (although you can clearly feel mine).  Then the area is cleaned off and sterilized and then the needle goes in the port.




I am so thankful that my whole chest has no feeling, because those things were HUGE!  I was nervous, and I was looking at the needle at she was coming toward me, while explaining what she was going to do…I was praying that I wouldn’t feel a thing.  And I didn’t!  Thank.You.Jesus.

It took a couple of minutes and it was all done!  I am now an even 200cc on each side now.  Awesome.  Now I won’t tip over. Winking smile



Have an amazing day, friends!


Prayer Warriors, Please join me in prayers for my amazing friend Kristina, a fellow survivor sister and a FIGHTER!


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