Saturday, November 17, 2012

Black & Gold Twenty-Twelve

The annual scrimmage games for the boys and girls basketball teams, the Black and Gold Game, was held last night at the high school!

We look forward to it so much because it is the community’s first chance to get a look at the teams this year.  At the game, coaching staff, players, cheerleaders are introduced to the crowd.  If there are any rule changes for Missouri High School Basketball, those are announced also.  Then each team plays a scrimmage game against each other.  It kind of like being allowed to come in a watch an intense practice!  We’ve been looking forward to it all week, because for the first time, both our boys are playing high school basketball!  Same team (although split between jr. varsity and varsity), same schedule, DOUBLE the amount of anxiety and nerves for these parents!

It was such a great night!  For the first time, a local bank, Sterling Bank, sponsored a tailgate party after the games!  It was fantastic!  There was music, tents, grills going, lots of food, drinks, and TONS of people!  It was by-far the biggest B&G game turnout I’ve seen In a LONG time…and the vibe was so positive and so community-oriented.  It was fantastic!

The best thing about last night: The kids saw firsthand how supported they are by our community.  They felt the positive energy and the excitement for the upcoming season.  First game is Monday and WE ARE READY!

Back to the friendly confines-



Boys Basketball- (my boys!)



Some scenes from the night-

2012-11-17 001


2012-11-17 0011


And my favorite pics from the night-

2012-11-17 0012


I tweeted last night: 2012-11-17_0910tweet

I savored every second of last night.  Every shot, every foul, every pass.  I just love watching my boys do their thing, no matter what it is.  And after the last couple of weeks dealing with breast cancer recurrences of a friend and an acquaintance, I just had a beautiful moment with God…thanking Him that I am here to see this.  I am thankful for every moment, and praying for a lifetime.

Cherish every second today, friends!




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