Thursday, November 1, 2012

Today I Walked

Hey guys!


Does the sky look a little brighter to you today??  How beautiful is this?  Ahh, I love it.  Fall is by far my favorite season.  I just love the crisp mornings that turn into warmer afternoons, all with the sun shining bright.  Love love love.

Something that may be making my day a little brighter, is the fact that I took a walk this morning!!  Ok, it’s actually making my day A LOT brighter. Open-mouthed smile  I dropped the kids off at school this morning and just thought, “I think I’ll go for a walk today…”  And before I knew it, I found myself on a little 3.1 mile stroll; not a power walk, not an arm-swinging, heart-pumping walk, just a lovely stroll outside.  IMG_5994



I feel fantastic.  I do believe I found a few endorphins today.

NOW, for last night…  We hit the streets hard in search of candy around 5:30pm!  We trick-or-treated for about an hour and by the time we were finished we had quite a few of us in tow!  Our whole family, plus Layne and her boys, and my Mom and Dad walked the back streets of our tiny town knocking on doors and collecting candy.  We had a great night! 

2012-11-01 001


I know I’ve said this before, but it is the coolest thing to be able to take our kids trick-or-treating in our hometown.  They have grown up going to the same houses that I went to as I did when I was a kid.  We walk down the same streets, see the same people, it really is something special.  And just about everybody here does it that way!  People will park in the different places around town, usually the school, church, or grocery store parking lots, and will just get out and walk with their kids.  Small town livin’ at it’s finest, here folks.


2012-11-01 0011


Hope you had a very HAPPY evening last night and a GREAT day today as well! Sun


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