Happy, Thankful, & Busy!


A bit out of our normal routine today because the kids are out of school since tomorrow’s


I LOVE Thanksgiving.  It’s seriously my favorite holiday.  I love that there is none of the pressure of gift-giving or shopping.  We can just come together as family and friends and enjoy each other’s company!  Love that.

The only pressure I have is getting our house company-ready!  Right now I have the only who is awake (so far), my Zach, washing windows.  Gosh, he loves me. 

A black and gold explosion is happening in my laundry room as I try to get all the boys’ uniforms washed up from Monday night’s game, and prepped for Friday night’s game.  Two boys times two sets of uniforms for each boy, plus warm-ups equal a LOT of the B&G!  Awesome!!



I updated the calendar for the next week or so-


Per usual, craziness!  Wouldn’t have it any other way.



I am thankful.

And happy.

Here’s to a busy day of preparations!



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