Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tradition Starts Now

I am hoping that last night’s basketball game by the Bulldogs (Lady Dawgs, too!) is a sign of what’s to come this season!

Yes it was exciting.

Yes I was filled with anxiety.

And yes, WE GOT THE WIN!!!!



And before I go into the photo collages from last night, can I just share this with you?  From my phone:


It was such a moment for us, as parents. 

From the time that they were little, they have played together.  They have played trucks, they have played guns and army, they have played countless games of basketball in the driveway…but to see them playing high school basketball together was almost too much for this Momma’s heart to handle.  I was so filled with pride for my boys that, yes, it somehow started to bubble up and water my eyes. Winking smile  Not a sobbing boo-hoo, but just a “wow moment.” 

When Coach brought Zach into the game in the first half to shoot two free-throws (which he made), Jack and I just looked at each other and, I know, felt the exact same thing at that exact moment.  Wow.  Our boys.  Together.  On one court, in the same game.  I grabbed my phone and quickly typed the note above because I wanted to remember just exactly how I was feeling at that moment. 



Tyler, last night in the first game of his junior year, was as impressive as we ever thought he would be.  He has practiced to start Varsity Basketball his whole life.  And while he started quite a bit last year, this year he came in with a renewed focus.  He is co-captain for the team and he is so driven to work hard and do well.  He had 18 points last night and showed his determination.   

2012-11-19 002



How did these kids get so big?!  They will always be my sweet babies no matter how big they get. Red heart 


Ever since my breast cancer diagnosis, I appreciate every moment I get to spend with my kids because I have been faced with the harsh reality that life is so short.  Every single second is a gift.  But this is not just for me, guys.  None of us are promised tomorrow, so things need to made right and enjoyed TODAY.  I am so thankful for each and every moment our family has together. 

I am praying for a long lifetime of “wow moments.”

Love you guys.


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