Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two Happy Girls

Helloooooo Smile

Happy Election Day!  And, thankfully, goodbye to all the political tv ads and campaign phone calls!  I’m exercising my right to vote today, are you??

I am flying high today.  No, not because of being able to vote [although it’s pretty awesome], but because yesterday I GOT MY LAST TWO DRAINS OUT!!!!!!  <-------- YES, I was squealing with glee! 

2012-11-06 0011

I started the day with these- 2012-11-06 001

And finished the day without them! 

I mean, doesn’t this look annoying?!


I mean, yeah!  There were two on each side originally, for a total of four of these little boogers.  The scabbed place above this drain is where one was removed last Monday.  Having just two drains, one on each side, like in the above picture, has been GREAT, but having no drains is BETTER!! 

Ok, I know I’ve shown you a picture of a JP Drain before, but here is the WHOLE picture-


Notice in the picture above, the tubing is stitched into place at my skin.  Well, one may think that it is just tubing all the way to the end, wherever it is place in my chest somewhere…but NO!  You see the flat white end of the tubing in the above picture?  Yep, that’s the WHOLE picture…that’s at the end of all the tubing and has a bunch of little holes in it.  SO, out of that hole in my body, that is the same size as the tube, has to come that probably 1/2” white piece that is much BIGGER than the hole.  Got it?  Yeah, go ahead and cringe.  I did too.  But I was willing to go through whatever I had to, to be drainless.  I survived…although it was not fun.

There’s nothing better than feeling “untethered!”  And none of this would have happened yesterday if my fabulous Julie (doc) hadn’t taken the time in-between surgeries to come see me yesterday while we were in town for Katie’s appointment (more on that in a few).  My appointment was originally scheduled for today (Tuesday) but since we were coming yesterday already, I sent her a quick text and up she came- scrubs, OR hat, and all.  God bless this woman.  So blessed to call her my doctor, but even better, my friend.  

Katie and I were all smiles of course!



On to Katie’s appointment!  This very excited girl had her 3-month post op checkup yesterday.  Why was she SO excited?!  Well, if you remember, she broke her arm in gymnastics/tumbling class wayyyy back at the end of June.  She hasn’t been able to do a flip since June 27.  This girl LOVES to flip.  She lives to do gymnastics, cheer, and tumble.  She says she’s going to be the next Gabby Douglas.  She was nervous and excited, because she REALLY wanted to be released to be able to do what she loves best.

X-rays were first.  We had a little bit of a wait so Katie played on the iPad while Daddy decided to doodle on the white board in the waiting room.

2012-11-06 0012 

Apparently the nurses’ lunch schedules now include an ice cream cone and an elk. Winking smile


Katie’s not a very patient person…I can’t blame her, I’m not either.  But she was hilarious yesterday!

2012-11-06 0013


But when Dr. Goldfarb came in, all he had was good news for our little girl! 


Katie has a beautifully healed forearm, with the two pins in place and she was cleared to flip all she wants!  At some point, probably a year or less, she will have another surgery to have the pins removed, but until then she is free to return to all normal activities…including GYMNASTICS! 


Again, we are SO HAPPY!



So yet another fabulous trip to The Lou for us!  And Jack brought home to very happy girls! 


 2012-11-06 0014 

PS- First morning without drains and I took a nice, easy stroll.  For an hour.  Glorious.

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