Friday, November 16, 2012

Dentist Day {And A PSA}

Hey guys!

So today was Dentist Day at our house.  The kids and I had all four of Dr. Gary’s morning appointments for cleanings and checkups.  Jack get his own day because he’s special. Smile  No really, they just couldn’t fit all five of us in today so since he had to be on a jobsite all day, the kids and I took the appointments. 

I really enjoyed spending the day with my “babies,” even if we were in and out of the dentist chair and passing off errands to each other to get things done.  Days like today I’m glad I have another driver in the house.

Katie just loved that I took her picture while she was getting her flouride treatment.  Haha, not really but she couldn’t do anything about it. Winking smile


Isn’t she cute?!

By the way, as I lay in the chair getting my teeth cleaned, something that I had read somewhere on some piece of my information from my plastic surgeon came to my mind.  Did it say somewhere about having dental work done?  Antibiotics??  Is teeth cleaning considered dental work?  Hmmm.  So when Dr. Gary came in to do his exam, I mentioned it to him.

“Am I supposed to have antibiotics when I have my teeth cleaned?  A cavity filled?  What’s the rule?”

He told me that yes, for any type of dental procedure when they may break the gum line, or if there is any bleeding of the gums, then I should probably be on antibiotics.  Oh great.  Well he told me check with my doctor, so I emailed Marissa right away and before she had a chance to get back to me, he was coming to tell me that he had called in some antibiotics at Walgreens just down the street and I should go ahead and go get them.

So later when I left his office, I had clean teeth, the start of a cavity, and now 4 antibiotic pills on board.


And there is also enough in there for me to take 4 the day of my cavity filling next month as well.  [And by the time I had went and got my Rx and got back to the dentist office and checked my email, Marissa had emailed me back saying “yes” on the antibiotics.]  Well welcome to this new world.

PSA- So kids, if you have had surgery, breast expanders, and/or all that jazz, be sure and call your doctor and ask if you need antibiotics beforehand! 

And so I don’t leave my boys out – and no I didn’t go back with them at the dentist and take their pictures…But here are the Van Buren Athletes picture for 2012-2013-


Can you pick out my boys?  Hint: Tyler’s in white and Zachary’s in gold.

First game is next week and the Black And Gold Game – team scrimmages for all the local adoring fans that also addresses rule changes and introduces coaching staff, players, and cheerleaders – is tomorrow night!  Complete with tailgate party!

Boys’ Basketball -



I am one tired girl tonight, and I have another tired girl laying on my shoulder.  So we are taking our tired hineys to bed.



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