Monday, November 26, 2012

Current River Challenge-Bulldogs vs. Seymour

I am back with a second post today so I can get in a post about ANOTHER BULLDOG WIN before I get any further behind!  Uh, like I have ever gotten behind before…

…never mind.



Anyway, I’m here to update that we are now 3-0 !!!!!


(This is a cool shot of us watching Tyler with the ball.  It may be harder to find us in this picture because we look like all the other calm fans. What can I say, I was tired.)

The boys defeated Seymour, 48-38, in the second game of the Current River Challenge on Saturday night!  Again showing a lot of heart and not one ounce of quit, all five starters played the entire game.  No subs, no foul trouble, just lots of hard-played minutes.  Tyler had 15 points!




We are SO PROUD of our BULLDOGS!
Keep working hard, boys!



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