Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Chance Survey

It’s FRIDAY!!! 

AND it’s a 4-day weekend for my kids [deer season coined as “Fall Break”] so right now I am enjoying having everybody at home.  My guys are all outside doing guy-stuff, you know-blowing all the leaves off the porch and pool cover, hauling trash to the dumpster, and I’m not really sure what else they do out there…  And Katie is still snuggling deep down in the covers of our bed.  If I don’t wake her up earlier, she’ll likely sleep ‘til noon, no kidding.  I’ll be waking her up in about an hour. Winking smile

Anyway, I think it’s time for a lighthearted post!

It’s survey time!

Ok, so I’ve seen this survey floating around the blogworld for the past couple of days and thought I’d participate!  I’ve read it on Monica’s blog and Tina’s blog, and I’m sure there are several others out there doing it too.  Here’s my version:

Last food you ate:

Frozen Blueberries!  LOVE these!  Seriously, if you haven’t tried ‘em this way, you should.  Best.snack.ever.



Last beverage you drank:

Mmmm, my am coffee!  Next up, my green smoothie. Smile 



Last work out:

Yesterday’s five-mile walk.  Nice and easy.  Longest distance post surgery!



Last thing you pinned:

Recipe for Crock Pot Lasagna.  With all the ballgame nights coming up, I love finding good crock pot recipes!  I will be trying a veggie version for me! 2012-11-09_0851pinterest


Last text message you sent:

To my friend, Anna, who was updating me on her MIL’s surgery.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago and is having a mastectomy today, and I set them up with the most amazing surgeon in the world, my Jules.



Last blog you visited:

This is actually a new one for me!  Last night I stumbled across Fighting Fancy, a blog by young breast cancer survivor, Heather, who just had her bilateral mastectomy on Monday.  Go read her story and see the awesome way that she’s blessing other young breast cancer survivors!  You go, Heather!



Last tweet you sent:

Well, it’s a retweet from Komen St. Louis, and it’s a very important one.  I am proof that you don’t have to have a family history to be at risk for breast cancer.  I have NO family history of the disease.  Be vigilant, ladies!


The last place you visited:

Of course.  Haha!



Last thing you baked:

A pan of chicken enchiladas and a pan of veggie enchiladas for dinner last night.  Andddd, you’ll have to take my word for it because I didn’t take a picture.  I could get the leftovers out of the fridge and snap a pic, but the leftovers never look very appetizing so I’ll spare you. Smile

BUT, I DO know some fabulous bloggers who have been baking their little hearts out and are having a blogger bake sale today for victims of Hurricane Sandy!  Head over to The Fitnessista’s blog and check it out!

Sweets for Sandy


So, that’s about it!  Hope you enjoyed it!  Feel free to answer the questions for yourself in the comments!


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Anonymous said...

This is a fun survey. I've visited your site before. Thanks for taking the time to post on my facebook page. I will work on promoting your post!

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