Sunday, November 25, 2012

Current River Challenge-Bulldogs vs. Clarkton

A Thanksgiving tradition for those that involved in high school basketball around here – of which we are up to our eyeballs in! – is the annual Current River Challenge!

The Challenge is not really a tournament, but rather just a shootout where teams come from all over southern Missouri to play teams that they normally don’t play in their own district and/or conferences.  Teams from the bigger schools and smaller schools all come out to play Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving.  The games start at 9am on both days.  So for anybody wanting to get a good dose of high school boys basketball, Van Buren is the place to be right now!

Our boys played their first game of the Challenge last night.  Being the home team, we were the last game on the day’s schedule..same is true for tonight’s game.

It was worth the late night, too, because WE GOT THE WIN!!!!!!!

And of course, our extreme excitement was caught on camera…again.


Oh my word.  Our poor kids.  And in the digital age of things like Facebook and Twitter, there is nowhere to hide.  Wow.  We can’t help it, though!  Our boys did so GREAT!! They are 2-0 and play their hearts out.


Tyler never sat down last night, playing the entire game and finished with 11 points and I lost track of assists and rebounds.  Zachary had some good minutes as well, coming in to be a key reliever off the bench.



It was a great first night of the Current River Challenge for the Bulldogs!



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