Monday, November 19, 2012

A Model Weekend & An Inspirational Model


How was your weekend??

It was absolutely gorgeous here; you can bet Katie and I took full advantage!

2012-11-19 001

Our Saturday and Sunday adventures outdoors were pretty much identical!  We took Katie’s bike and hit the park.  She rode about 3.5 miles (but who really knows because she was riding circles around me and having a ball!), and then ditched the bike to run a mile and a half.  Both days.  This girl has her Momma’s love of movement.  We had a really great time!

Sunday tweet- 2012-11-19_1138twitter



1) Bulldog Basketball starts TONIGHT!! Of course it’s an away game (dang), but even the one-hour drive into the middle of nowhere isn’t enough to quell our excitement!  TRADITION STARTS NOW.

2012-11-19 0011


2) A clean pathology report!!2012-11-19 0012

Benign!  Seriously, that is the prettiest word ever.  Thank You, Jesus!

This morning I went for my walk after I dropped the kids off at school, and while it was much chillier than my walks the two previous days (because we had gone mid-day), it felt really good to me because I was quite the hot-flash machine all morning.  I was ready for some chill!  I walked six miles this morning.  I’m picking up speed a little!  No running though, like I said before, I don’t want to mess anything up. 



I like my gloves with the fingers cut out so I can still use my phone and mess with my music while I’m walking, but my fingers can get pretty cold!  But I saw some gloves advertised the other day that have some type of special something-or-other on the fingers and thumb so you can still use a touch-screen with them.  Score!  It’s on my Christmas wish list!

Another thing on my wish list,

This book by Lauren Scruggs and her family-


If you haven’t heard of Lauren Scruggs, or even if you have, watch the piece below.  Her story will absolutely touch your heart.  I identified with her on so many levels.  I can’t wait to read her book.

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She is an absolute miracle, and her faith is an inspiration to so many.  What a beautiful reminder of thankfulness on this week of Thanksgiving.

Find something in YOUR life that you can be thankful for today. Red heart


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