Sunday, December 13, 2009

Before and After

Happy Sunday, friends ;-)

We are thoroughly enjoying our Sunday, I hope y’all are too.  We got up this morning and I felt well enough to go to church so off we went.  I’m so glad we did, because our church choir was presenting their Christmas Cantata and, as always, it was beautiful.  The choir sounded like an army of angels singing praises to our risen Lord.  The music of the Christmas season is so wonderful.

This afternoon we are enjoying watching the Colts game and relaxing.  Relaxing now at halftime because the Colts are up 21-7!  Hope they continue to play well.  A win today guarantees home field advantage in the playoffs!

So I thought I would share with you my before and after port pics…cause you KNOW I am so proud to have it out!  Here’s my port the morning of surgery, lookin’ all bionic.  The thing looked like a plug in of sorts…well, I guess it kinda was!  Through this port I received lifesaving meds for a year and had countless blood draws…all saving my arm veins any trauma.




Yippee!!  No more port!!  Thank you little “plug-in” for supporting me for the past year, but I must say, I was glad to see you go!

Have a great Sunday, lovelies ;-)



Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

yay! I'll admit I've never seen before and after pictures of a port. I'm glad you aren't needing it anymore! :)

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo, glad you were able to get that thing out :) I'm so glad the Colts are doing well, hope they go to the Superbowl undefeated!

Keri said...

I do love medical pictures.....I have to admit that I am surprised at how extensive the removal was.....I was expecting a picture of a small incision with a stitch or two. Ouch!!!

So glad you are feeling well, my friend!

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