Thursday, December 3, 2009

Headed To The Lou

Well tomorrow is my very first post-treatment checkup with my oncologist and also my pre-op appointment for my surgery next Wednesday.  I am looking forward to the checkup, except for the first appointment time, which is 730am.  And for those of you know have been reading for awhile you know what this means...yep, up and at em BEFORE the butt-crack of dawn.  Like leave our house at 430am…YIKES!  Did we consider leaving today to avoid the early morning drive, you ask?  Oh yes, that was most definitely the plan but the hubby’s late work schedule today put quite the kink in our plans.  The kids, however, are still going to stay the night at my mom and dad’s so we don’t have to wake them up that early. 

In all reality we could leave tonight and get there around 9 or 10pm but I would rather wait til morning.  You see, our very first dr appt trip to STL we left with our good friends about this time of evening.  And I can remember so vividly the scared and nervous feeling I felt as we approached the absolutely HUGE hospital/medical center complex and hotel and the fear of the unknown that consumed me.  Ever since then I can’t stand to go to the Lou at night.  It just brings me back to that horrible place and I just can’t stand it.  I think if it required that we get up and leave at 2am I would probably do it.  So…our choices are leave during daylight or leave the next morning, and we can watch the sunrise while we drive.  Much better…for me.

I am believing God for a great appointment tomorrow!  Good labs, good exam, and everything else that goes along with a checkup.  I am also looking forward to meeting friends for lunch after her treatment and then getting some Christmas shopping on!  Shhhhh, the hubby doesn’t know that yet.  It’s ok.  What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him…until tomorrow ;-) 

Please keep us in your prayers as we head out in the morning for a great checkup and safe trip.  They are so much appreciated!!  Love you guys!


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Anonymous said...

Saying some prayers for you today! I got excited at first when I saw "Lou" even though I knew you meant St. Lou, I thought of Louisville, ha ha. We will meet someday :) Love ya!

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