Monday, December 7, 2009

Manic Monday

Oh my my, how do I get so behind??

It seems that I get so busy and get to doing things, and I check the blog and it's days since I have posted...I don't think I've made it to weeks yet, so I can still say "days";-)

I hope y'all had a great weekend. Ours was crazy busy! First of all, Friday's appointments all went great! I saw 2 of my drs and came out of both checkups with lots of smiles. I LOVE that! Obvi.

In the appt with my oncologist, I finally got up the nerve to ask him about my recurrence rate for breast cancer, since that is a question I never asked before. I had wondered occasionally, but never had enough nerve to ask...I just wanted to get done with treatment and be cured and worry about that later. So I asked him. And he said while it's difficult to determine because Herceptin has only been used in patients like me (without metastasis) for 3 years, his thoughts are around 20%. I asked him is that like 5-years, 10-years, what?? And he said, "No. Like 80% cured. That it will NEVER return." Whoop whoop!! I was excited, duh! Because that puts my recurrence risk at like almost the same as any woman's breast cancer risk, which is 1 in 8. Sing praise!!!

After the appointments we headed to an orthotics and prosthetics place that my physical therapist had recommended and I was fitted for a nighttime lymphedema sleeve. I am beyond stoked about this because I am so sick of wrapping my arm with the compression bandages every night and unwrapping every morning. It's not a huge deal, but it's a pain. So, thanks to the prescription I got from my dr, the $700 sleeve (um yeah ridiculous) should be covered by insurance. So I got measured and picked out a hot color...PINK, of course ;-)

We grabbed lunch and headed to the mall for a little retail therapy, much to the distress of my hubby. But lucky for him I was too wiped out from getting up at 330am to make much shopping progress. It's ok, though, we are leaving first thing tomorrow morning for Wednesday's surgery, so we will have the whole day and evening to shop tomorrow. And yes, I will totally use the pity-surgery excuse to have a little extra mall time. I know. I'm bad ;-) But whatever works, right?!

I'm picking up the kids early from school and going to PB for lunch and Tyler's orthodontist appointment...he's very excited, he's got an "off-date" for his braces, January 14! Also on the list are a winter coat for Katie and pants for Zachary. And I hope to stock my fridge and pantry for my post-op days. I hate the thought of explaining to my hubby which Greek yogurt I like and my sandwich thins...oi vey. Better just do it now!

Have a great Monday everybody! Please keep us in your prayers for a quick and successful surgery and an even quicker recovery!



Keri said...

Good luck with your surgery!!! If I lived anywhere near you I would whip up some kind of yummy dinner and feed your family......since I don't, I'm going to send you some cyber love instead!

Here's to a quick and uneventful recovery (lifting my Diet Coke glass to you).

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for all the good news! I will be thinking about you tomorrow and pray that everything goes well with the surgery and your recovery. I laughed out loud when you said you didn't want to explain to your hubby which foods to buy. I can only imagine if I sent mine to the store by himself, yikes! ;-)

aesthetically-challenged said...

Good luck with your surgery! Your faith and attitude towards life are a source of inspiration.

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