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The Race Is On ~ 2012 Komen Race for the Cure

Wow!  What a weekend it has been!  And I have so much to share with you that I don’t quite know where to start!  And I’m thinking that if I put everything in one post that it would be three novels long, so I’m going to dedicate this post solely to the

2012 Susan G. Komen Race for the CURE – St. Louis!!!

Now, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know that this is my very favorite event ever.  In fact, if I had to choose just ONE between the Race for the Cure and all the other races and events that I also love to do, I would choose this one.  It is THAT awesome.  And y’all know how much I love to do my races. Smile

Here’s some quick links back to my previous years’-

And now, here we are at my FOURTH – 2012!!

It was a beautiful day in St. Louis.  The early forecast had called for miserably hot and humid, and while it DID get warm, it wasn’t as bad as we had feared.  Of course, I COULD be saying that because I wasn’t running. Sad smile 


It was plenty hot for the 50,000+ people who hoofed it through the streets of downtown St. Louis.  But for me standing in the shade, it was fine!  Stupid leg.  I would have rather been sweating.

Katie managed to be the first casualty of the day for EMS personnel when she tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and went spilling onto the concrete. 2012-06-24 0011

AND she lost her balloon in the process.  Poor girl. Sad smile 

We managed to get her bandaged up and moved on.  Downtown St. Louis was ready for all things PINK!


As in years past, the day started off with the Survivor Procession.  3,200+ Survivors STRONG marching through the streets to the main stage to open the day.
 2012-06-24 001
It is such an amazing experience to be walking with thousands of other women who have been through what I have been through, feeling almost every emotion and KNOWING, just knowing.  And while we are walking along, thousands more people are lining the streets and clapping and cheering for us…it gives me goosebumps every time.

There I am!  See me?


After the Procession, while we all stood at the main stage, we were serenaded by several very talented singers, including former American Idol contestant Nikko Smith who sang, “Just The Way You Are.”  It was perfect for the occasion and probably made every Survivor’s heart melt a little…I know mine did.Winking smile

BUT, by far, my favorite part of the opening ceremony is always the singing of “I Will Survive.”  It really is such a happy and celebratory part of the day when everybody is singing along,

“Just turn around now, ‘cause you’re not welcome anymore…!”


We all know we’re talking about cancer.  And it’s awesome.

After the Survivor’s celebration we made our way to the Siteman tent and hung out for awhile there with all our friends and BFFs from our favorite place in the world.  Seriously, world class cancer care, research, facilities, and best of all-world class people.  We heart them.


My good lookin’ crew!

And here’s some more of my best supporters,

2012-06-24 0013

Are they awesome or what?!  Somehow my Dad and Tyler managed to escape the camera’s lens but there were there with bells on!

And these signs make me SO PROUD2012-06-24 0014


My Mom and Sister rocked it out, Racing for the Cure for me, since I couldn’t participate this year.  They did SO GREAT & MADE ME SO PROUD!!!! I love you guys!!!!

2012-06-24 0015 

And I cannot finish out this post without mentioning who Katie and I just happened to run in to at the Survivor Finish Line…which means: I walked across the street and asked for a picture. Winking smile 

Why, look!!  It’s RAMPAGE the Ram!!!  St. Louis Rams very own mascot, Rampage!!2012-06-24 0016

Oh, and Sam Bradford, St. Louis Rams Quarterback!!!!!

Um, yeah. Winking smile

So Komen St. Louis 2012 is in the books. 

Over 50,000 people participated,
3,200 Survivors celebrated,
And almost $3 million was raised to help conquer breast cancer.

It was a great day, celebrating LIFE, LOVE, & EVERYTHING PINK!

I already can’t wait ‘til next year! 

Love you guys.




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