Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Let’s Catch Up

I pulled up my blog this morning and thought, “Geez, if I don’t update soon, it’s going to be, like, a week since I posted!”  But, as usual, we’ve been crazy busy, going here and there, running crazy, and life gets in the way of blogging…A LOT. 


And happy Tuesday!  At least it’s not Monday right?!  See the day is looking up already! Winking smile

First and foremost I’ll catch you up on our #SheReadsTruth Bible study.  If you started the study on the first day, you’re on Day 33 or something like that.  Me?  I’m on Day 27.  So see, we’re all at different places in the study, and that’s ok!  But as I’ve been nearing the end of Soul Detox (the YouVersion plan we’re doing now), I’ve been wondering…”What’s next??”

Well, I have an answer for you.  Err, well, the wonderful ladies over at SheReadsTruth.com have an answer for you!  They are revealing what we will be doing next this Thursday!  So if you want to start fresh with us, then head on over there and see what’s happenin’ on Thursday.

(I’m going to be doing both studies simultaneously until I finish Soul Detox so I can start the new study with everyone else.)

So let’s catch up on what I’m detoxing from my soul, shall we?  Cultural toxins is the focus lately…how there are so many things in our world today that SEEM harmless, or we justify them in our mind and end up maybe doing/saying/living things that don’t line up with God’s Word.  And THAT is the key right there: to keep us honest, basically: TEST EVERYTHING CONSISTENTLY AGAINST THE WORD.  We need to stay on our toes and be aware of toxic influences in our lives and how they affect our relationship with God and others.  The only things that should have a place in our lives are those that line up with God’s Will.

Basically God is saying to us, “My child, I want you all to Myself.”

2012-06-14 003 



The other update in this post is about my foot/ankle/leg.

Remember when I told you last week about my sore ankle?  I wrote about it in a few different posts: here, here, and here.  Well, on Friday I was starting to notice some swelling and was getting a little concerned. 


I was still hoping for tendonitis or an ankle sprain, but my mind (and Dr. Google) led to think that maybeeee we were dealing with something worse.

So, enter yesterday, and I’m sitting at my foot dr’s office, praying for the best… 2012-06-18 001

BUT, I didn’t get it.  He’s going to confirm it with an MRI tomorrow (Wednesday), but is 90% sure that I have a stress fracture in my fibula.  stressfx


So now I have THIS:


…this lovely boot that I am in for 4 weeks or so (if the MRI confirms the fracture tomorrow).  I am so bummed and so aggravated.  I have just had injury after injury in the past 9 mos-year.  First the 2 broken ribs, then the stress reaction in my femur, now a stress fracture in my fibula, AND yesterday’s x-ray also showed a healing or incompletely healed stress fracture in my 3rd metatarsal in my foot!  Yes, from when I went to the dr before my two half marathons in April…it is just now showing up, which is how stress fractures work (they usually don’t show up on xray until they are healed or healing).  Good grief.

My last bone density was normal but I’m beginning to wonder what the heck is going on with me?! I am not running NEAR the mileage I used to AND I’m running on the treadmill, not outside on hard surfaces just trying to baby my joints and my body.  I just don’t know.


I’m also super disappointed in that this happened the week of my favorite event of the whole year…St. Louis Race for the Cure.  This will be my first year I’m not able to run it, but I am certainly going and soak up all the love and support from it.  The sea of pink in downtown St. Louis is the most amazing sight and even though I can’t run this year, I can’t WAIT to go!

I’m off to go figure out how to get in a good workout in my pool, then headed to a day of basketball shootouts.

Love you guys!


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