Friday, June 1, 2012

She Reads Truth ~ Let Me Be Used



I am so excited to share with you guys more details about #SheReadsTruth.shereads250horizontalToday the She Reads Truth website launched and you talk about the most encouraging thing…seeing all these women, sisters in Christ, coming together to share and bond and lift each other up in the name of Jesus.  Absolutely beautiful.  Go check it out and join us!  The main goal here is to encourage each other to read the Word  There are also plenty of details on there about how to begin with us and how to join. 

Check out these blog posts by a couple of my favorite girlies about She Reads Truth and also the Influence Conference – Oh how I WISH I could go!!

Jenna @ Eat, Live, Run

Sarah @ Peas and Thank You

I, myself, am on Day 9.  I was late getting started so everyone is kind of joining in at different points, so it’s totally ok if you haven’t started yet! 


I pray that God will bless this group and this study in a way as never before.


And not to forget my other counting challenge, it’s Day 5 of the Summer Run Streak:


5 miles at a 2% incline, done one mile at a time interspersed with circuits.  I am a tired and sweaty mess.  I MUST go clean up, like, now.  Seriously, you can probably smell me from your house.

Talk to you soon!


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