Tumbling, Baseball, Basketball, & Running–Oh My!

Well hey there!  I disappeared over the weekend so I’ll catch you up real quick!

On Friday/Saturday we squeezed 3 different sports into 24 hours: tumbling, baseball, and basketball.  We had Katie’s tumbling class on Friday night, Zachary’s baseball game on Saturday morning, and all the boys had 6 basketball games total for Friday and Saturday.  Whew!  It was exhausting and kept us burning up the roads for sure! 2012-06-11 0012

So on Sunday……WE SLEPT.  Ahhhhhhh…….

I got up around 730am, and after being up and enjoying my #SheReadsTruth Bible study and the quiet house, I promptly went back to sleep and slept until 12:30pm on the couch. 

2012-06-11 001

We seriously had nothing left.  Not to mention that we’ve all been battling this allergy/sinus/sore throat junk for several days and felt pretty rotten at times physically.  I felt so much better when I woke up the second time so then I started doing laundry and making beds and such. 

After much delay I decided to get my run in for the Summer Run Streak.  I was planning on running around 6 miles or so (about an hour-ish), but about 4.95 miles I had a sharp pain on the outside of my right ankle!  Whaaaa?!  I put most of my weight on the treadmill bars while I tried to “run it out” or just see if it was a fluke/momentary thing.  It wasn’t.  I stopped at 5 miles, bummed and confused.  Where the heck did THAT completely new pain come from??  Arggghhh….

2012-06-11 0013

I am so beyond aggravated.  I am so tired of running and being injured.  It seems like as soon as I get one thing fixed and better, something else crops up.  Ugh.  And THIS one even hurts to WALK.  Not good. 

I went to see my BFF/FNP/fixer of all boo-boos today and I know that’s not broken, but that I’m likely dealing with a tendon issue.  So back to ice and ibuprofen and waiting it out.  PS~I am NOT a good waiter.  And PPS~No more run streak for me. Sad smile


Obviously it was a no-go this morning.  Of course you know I had to try, but no.  No run, no walk.  So I just did some squats and pushups and pretty much just bummed around my workout room while I watched last night’s episode of Drop Dead Diva.  I love this show, but it wasn’t doing much to pump me up today.

BUT it could always be worse. 

We start back on the sports scene tomorrow after two days off.  A full day of basketball games followed by a baseball game as soon as we get home.

Here we go again!



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