Thursday, June 21, 2012

Different Strokes


How on earth do you exercise with a boot on your leg/foot?!?!  After a whole bunch of Googling, I kept coming up with the same numero uno answer:  SWIMMING.

And apparently I was thinking ahead when I bought the Aquajogger back in March (that’s scary) and it’s been sitting in the still sealed box in my laundry room every since.  So first thing this morning I broke that sucker out and gave it a whirl spin RUN.

Here it is…my new best-friend-to-be:



This morning I set the timer on my phone for one hour, plugged it into the stereo, woke up everybody in the house while I pumped some tunes, and started, er, running?

It was different.  Obviously.  And it was boring.  Uh oh.

I kept finding myself wondering how long I’d been “running”…thinking, ‘I bet I’ve gone, like, 5 minutes and it feels like I’ve gone 5 hours…’  I wished more than once that I had a clock or something to look at so I could do intervals or something. 

But- eventually the hour was over and I hopped out of the pool and was on to my next task: MRI.


I wore my hot pink socks for luck(?) and after waiting foreverrrr, I went and did my usual dance with the MRI machine.  Yes, medical imaging and I are very well acquainted…unfortunately.

It will be a day or so before we know the results.  I hate waiting.

So we shall see.  I’ll update you later!



PS- Something I thought was funny today… When I was finished swimming, I put the belt on the pool deck and was looking at it while I was cooling off and whatever.  I read this on the side of the belt:



Umm, I beg to differ.  If swimming gives me a good workout and even a little bit of runner’s high, then it could very well be a life preserver.  For myself and/or anyone else who has to be around me during my hiatus! Winking smile

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