Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Which stands for:

"thank goodness for my parents' treadmill"

On days like this, when it's a brutal 18*, it's so great that my mom and dad have a treadmill that I can use to get my runs in.

Thank you, Mom and Dad!! I love you!

6.5 miles in 59:47. Now let's start this day!


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Keri said...

Hey girl....I've been praying for you and the Upward program at your church!!! Let me know if there are any specifics cuz I'm just making stuff up over here. I kinda figure God knows what is going on, but I'm just rattling off stuff that may not even be relevant!!

18 degrees...I can NOT even fathom at this point. I was jumping for joy because it was a brisk 81 degrees here this evening. I even put on a sweatshirt!

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