Friday, December 10, 2010


Helllllooooooo, FRIDAY!  Oh, how I’ve missed you! Rolling on the floor laughing

How are YOU today??  I hope you are feeling some Friday love, wherever you are.

I have SO productive today, I don’t know where that’s come from really, but I’ll take it!  I got all three kids up and off to school (Daddy cooked them breakfast, he’s amazing like that), then I went to my mom and dad’s and jumped on their treadmill for a speedy 7 mile run (59:41).  Then I came home and got cleaned up and had my breakfast, and proceeded to clean the kitchen, vacuum the floors, dust the furniture, and take all the stray things (most of which were Katie’s) to their proper places, whew! 


And it’s just NOW noon!  Yay!  It feels so nice to be blogging from a clean house.  AND I’ve got the Christmas pumping today, too!  That’s right, Kenny Chesney’s Christmas CD is my fave.  Oh how it makes me miss East Tennessee, especially this time of year!  For years we would take a trip and spend the week before Christmas in Gatlinburg/Knoxville enjoying our time as a family.  We would go to Lady Vol Basketball games (MY present!!), go shopping, drive around in the mountains, and at night we would enjoy Smoky Mountain Lights.  Ahh I miss it so much.  But with the kids growing up and their schedules being as full as ours, it makes it nearly impossible to take them out of school for the trip.



Ok really, I’ve got to stop before I make myself sad! 

Tonight Tyler has a ballgame and my sister, Jessica, and Brayden are going to try to come.  It will be Brayden’s first Bulldog basketball game!  I hoping for a BULLDOG WIN!!! 

Enjoy your day, all!


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