Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sometimes It’s Not The Bold Message…

December2010 003

Obvious, right?  I would hope.

And an interesting way to start off a post, no doubt.Winking smile 

But it’s not the bold message that grabbed my attention when I went to…well, ya know.  It was what was written on the pieces of tape along the top and bottom of this sign that made me smile.  And apparently break out a camera right in the middle of sit-down mode!

Take a closer look:

December2010 005December2010 006December2010 007






“Jesus Loves You!”

“Yes He Does!”

“Come to Link Church off of AB Highway.”

“It doesn’t matter what you do God loves you. Just ask for forgiveness.”

“He died on the cross and rose again.”

“Jesus loves all!”

Instead of the usual “so-and-so is a tramp, or call 555-5555 for a good time, or Susie loves Billy forever”, here were some pretty special words…in one of the least likes places you would expect to find a testimony.  I’ll admit, it made me smile. Flirt male 

And for some reason, I thought I’d share with you. Winking smile

The location of said bathroom was at the basketball tournament that I had mentioned earlier this week.  The boys lost last night – when Katie and I couldn’t go because we were getting over the stomach bug – but today they WON!  It’s a double elimination tournament so we play again tomorrow!  Yay!! Going to this tournament is a Christmas vacation tradition, so it’s so great when we win so we can keep going!

Warm-Ups:December2010 013

Game action:December2010 008

Gather ‘round:December2010 009

Katie and I feeling MUCH better and taking time to pose:December2010 012

And a BULLDOG WIN!!December2010 029

Ok, so it’s goodnight for me guys.  I’m going to finish my green monster and enjoy relaxing for the rest of the evening.  I have to get up earlyyyyy in the morning for my run because we have to leave for the game by 10…yikes!

Enjoy your evening!


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