Monday, July 27, 2009

Strong Arming!

I am so excited!! I went to check the mail today and my compression sleeves that I ordered last week came in! My physical therapist recommended that I get one to have when we fly and to wear when I run.

Currently I am wrapping my arm with compression bandages every night until 6 months post-radiation, and either while I run or for two hours after I run. I've been doing the two hours after because, well, the wraps are flippin' hot! But it's time consuming and whatnot, too.

So last week I ordered two mild compression sleeves and I LOVE them! Of course they're pink (duh!) and thin....kinda remind me of a little thicker pantyhose on my arm. But I think they are going to be fantastic and I can't wait to go for my run tomorrow morning with it!

Today has been a busy day around the house. I made the mistake of going into Katie's room to clean out her dresser to make room for all the new school clothes and got sucked in to cleaning her bathroom, which had some sort of science experiment growing in the trash can. OMGosh, it stunk so bad! I can still smell a hint of whatever it was lurking in the house. Puke. But she is super excited about getting new clothes and going to school! The boys...not so much. They would rather wear rags or go naked than get new clothes and go back to school. Oh well. It's almost time, school starts August 19. I am dreading it in a way...I will miss my babies. I am the Mama Bird that likes to have all her chicks in the nest at all times. Guess sometimes you have to step back and let them fly. But hopefully not very far :-)


Keri said...

Cute wraps!! And you, my friend, are looking fabulous!
Ditto with my kids and school clothes...I have been avoiding their rooms the last couple of months. I am going to have to bite the bullet and get up there and deal with the chaos...ugh!! Since G is going to a private school this year, I got to drop a mortgage payment on uniforms yesterday. He is excited about the uniform things because getting dressed will be a no brainer every single day. That will be nice!

As for the science experiment? That is the exact reason I am avoiding their rooms right just never know what kind of creature/fungus you may find!

Anonymous said...

Those sleeves sound like they are going to work out great! You look amazing in that pic by the way ;-)

My husband is a bus driver so he's not ready for school to start either, haha.

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