Sunday, July 26, 2009

And...The Mugglies Return

Wondering what the "mugglies" are?? LOL It is how our local weatherman refers to the hot, humid, and muggy weather of July/August around here. And yes, they're baaaaccckkk.... darn it.

After the most amazing and cool long run last Sunday, this morning I slugged through 7.7 miles in the heat and humidity. I knew it was going to be much warmer than last Sunday, so I planned ahead. I set my coffeepot for 530am so I would have ample time for java and Jesus (cute...that needs to be a Bible-study group or something) and would beat some of the mugglies outside. But that plan backfired very quickly when I didn't wake up until 715...darn it twice. So needless to say, I didn't get set off for my run until about 830...still needed my java and Jesus ya know!

The sun was already high in the sky, the mugglies were out in full force, and I was sweating buckets before I even really began. Gah. But I managed to make it through some decent mileage, especially for the weather, but my speed suffered greatly. It took me 1:24:37 to complete the 7.7 miles...roughly 11 minute miles. Oh well. I'll blame it on the weather!

But you know me, I can't leave on such an "uneven" number so when I got home, I walked 2.3 miles on an incline on the 'mill to make it an even 10. I know...ridiculous! But that's how I roll.

Our afternoon has been fairly easy. I took the kids and went to my parents' house to visit for a little while with them and my sister, who is 15 weeks pregnant today!! We find out on Tuesday if we are going to be buying PINK or BLUE!!! I am soooo excited that I can't stand it! I have two pregnant sisters right now and don't know yet what to buy for either one of them! Ahhhhh! So Tuesday can't come soon enough. But anyway, when we got back home I made shrimp fajitas and black beans for din-din and it was fabulous! Everybody loved it, there wasn't even any leftovers for lunch tomorrow :-( It's ok though, I love it when I make something that everybody loves!

So I hope everyone has a great rest of their Sunday and a great week ahead! We don't have too much going on, Tyler has an orthodontist appt on Tuesday and then Friday we head back to STL for Herceptin #14. I am PRAYING that these last 4 treatments go off without a hitch! I am so close!!

BTW, I am starting to feel like a Survivor lately...a hormone-less Survivor (Bah.) but a Survivor nonetheless!

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Anonymous said...

I am the same way about even numbers, haha! You are a survivor :)

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