Friday, July 17, 2009

Boomerang Express Day 5


I am on auto-type right now! So exhausted, but so filled with joy from our wonderful week at VBS! We had a great "trip" to the Outback on the Boomerang Express! All total we had 4 kids give their lives to Jesus this week, which is why we do Bible School!

I should probably explain why our pastor got hit in the face with a pie this morning! Every year, we take an offering for VBS...we take either canned goods or money, but the offering is calculated by weight. And it's BOYS VS. GIRLS! Oh my gosh, if you don't think this is a serious competition every year, you don't know our pastor very well! LOL He is so fabulous with children and LOVES to get them going every morning with "BOY, BOY, BOY" chants or "Boys rule, Girls drool!" Now we keep it all in perspective, too...our donations, both money and food, goes to the Missouri Baptist Children's Home and the children do a terrific job every year of raising money and food for them. Brother Ron is our Pastor and Amy is our VBS Director and if the girls win the weekly weigh-in, then she gets to hit Bro. Ron in the face with a pie! If the boys win, then he gets to hit her in the face with a pie! The kids LOVE it!!Today was swim day. The last day at VBS at our church has always been the day we take the K-5th grade to the church camp pool to swim and have a hot dog lunch. The 2's/3's/preschoolers have a water play-day at the church with a big blow up waterslide and kiddie pools. Everybody has a ball!

It has been a wonderful week here at VBS! I am so thankful that God gave me the health and the strength to be able to teach again this year! It's a lot of work but I enjoy it, and the kids that come back every single year love it too. My prayer, now, is first for REST! LOL Then for some of the things we have said or done this week to speak to the hearts of the children and they will take away very important lessons. I know I remember VBS every year when I was a kid and I know it was an important part of my faith development. I am very excited that God allowed me to be a part of these children's faith this week!

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Mrs. LC said...

What a wonderful week! But you make sure you rest now, k love? xoxo!

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