Monday, July 20, 2009

Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

See why I love my outdoor runs so? God's handiwork at it's finest here, folks. This morning I ran with deer, squirrels, rabbits, and whatever else was there that I just couldn't see. Jealous?? ;-)
Obvi, it is another gorgeous day here!

I saw on the news last night where it was going to be another lovely, cool July morning so I immediately made plans to go for another early morning outside run. After what was an amazing run on Sunday, I was almost giddy as I laid out my clothes last night!

I got up at 5am, had some quiet time and some coffee, and I was out the door. I was off and running at 5:55am. Oh, and I have found the coolest app for my iPhone, ya'll. It is RunKeeper and it's a free app and my new favorite thing!! It uses GPS positioning and tracks your entire run, provided the GPS signal is good enough...which is a rarity around here, but it totally worked for me this morning! It kept my time, my mileage, miles per hour, gave me my minutes/mile, and a graph of my mph throughout. I was so excited and impressed to see that I actually UNDERSHOT my mileage this morning, too! I wonder how often this happens?? Hmmmmm...... Anyway, after I got home and got to playing with the "History" function, I found that after you stop, you can choose to see a map...and it TOTALLY maps your entire run!! I looked at the map and saw exactly the path I had just ran! I may be a running-geek, but I am excited!! (That is my speed graph below my map below...see that 9.1 mph peak?! Funny, I was sprinting cause I noticed a white van with two guys in it, driving around the park sooooo early in the morning and it spooked me! I sprinted to run around a campground loop while they drove back by! Call me crazy, but I am a chicken when running by myself. You can't be too careful!)
So after another amazing run, I came home to 3 still-sleeping children...yes, see I TOLD you this was a fabulous morning! LOL So I got to shower, have coffee, and log some computer time in complete peace.......
But it is such a beautiful day that I couldn't just keep it all to myself, so I packed a picnic lunch and we headed back to the park. The kids had a ball swinging, sliding, and walking the trail around the spring. And, of course, pausing for a few photo ops to which they replied, "Mom, we SO look like tourists, and we LIVE here." Sorry! But we did completely blend in! :-) I took a moment to remind the kids that we are so blessed to live here. People come from all across the country to enjoy the river, the hills, the natural springs that abound in this area...and we get to enjoy it We shouldn't take for granted that we live in such a naturally beautiful area. This is truly God's country, as if there was ever any doubt. Do you want to visit yet?!

Have a marvelous Monday lovelies!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful day! I want to come visit :)

Keri said...

For real???? You seriously have that kind of scenery near your house? I don't think I would ever go inside. are blessed.

Did I tell you I signed up to run a half marathon in January? Seeing as how I'm good for about 3 miles right now, I have a lot of work ahead of me. I am nervous and running habits are going to be much closer to yours! Yikes!!

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