Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Well we got it...and are still getting it!

We got the call around 10pm last night that school was cancelled for today, but when we got up this morning...NOTHING! Not one flake had fallen. The kids were so disappointed, but after watching the radar we saw that the snowstorm was still coming, just slowly.

It started snowing around 930 this morning, much to their relief. It was light and stop and go until around noon-ish but since then it has been steadily falling. It is so beautiful. And peaceful. I would say that watching the falling snow is a good stress reliever...unless that is, you have to get out in it for something! I'm not sure how much we are supposed to get, but by the looks of the radar it may not stop until tomorrow morning.

Luckily we are nestled down here and have just been enjoying the day. After my 6 mile steady run this morning, I was back in my comfy clothes and I haven't been too productive the rest of the day. I like it;-)

Hope you are warm and cozy wherever you are!



Keri said...

Is this seriously the view out your front door???? I would NEVER leave my house if that's what I got to look at all the time. Snow or no snow.

Hope you are enjoying one of my favorite acts of nature. Maybe that's because I don't get to see much of it and therefore don't have frozen cars or sidewalks/driveway to shovel!

Sara said... do your kids ever make it through school? You guys have a TON of snow days! Hallie would go hogwild if she got to stay home that much...I might be in a state prison some where...but she'd be having a blast!

Stay warm! Send some snow this way!

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