Saturday, January 2, 2010

From '99 To '09

Hey guys!

"Twenty-Ten"? Is this how we are supposed to address our new year? Or should we say "Two-Thousand and Ten," or just simply "Ten?" Any thoughts? I dunno. The hubby and I had this discussion the other night. We didn't come to any solid conclusions, so I guess it's up to each of us to determine how we want to say it. Good to know;-)

I can't believe we are here already. It seems like only yesterday that we were rolling into the year 2000, worried about Y2K and what the new milennium would bring. Seems like yesterday and ages ago at the same time.

Kinda like in '99, I was ready to see '09 come to an end. 1999 stands out as a year of heartache. My sisters lost two of their very best friends in a tragic car accident, Kaitlin and Kory. My heart still breaks at the loss of these two beautiful kids who went home to be with Jesus at the ages of 16 and 15. Another unspeakable tragedy was on Labor Day weekend that took a whole family to live with our Lord. Matt, Amy, and their 17 month old son Seth died in an car accident on their way to a family gathering for the holiday weekend. Matt had been our pastor before they moved back to STL, and they were very close friends of ours. I really can't talk anymore about it, it's just too hard. Even still.

But, my point is that '99 and '09 have striking similarities. Both were years full of difficulty and pain but also in both years, God showed up in a big way. I saw God carry families, friends, and hundreds of heartbroken teenagers through their grief and use horrible circumstances for His glory. And, in a way, the same goes for '09. I started the year with chemotherapy and ended it with a hysterectomy after a blow-me-away-diagnosis of breast cancer. And much like in '99, God has provided strength, peace, and mercy...and along with these provisions, He has carried me. He has used what could have been an excuse to turn away from God, into an opportunity to trust Him and praise Him! Praise Him in all things.

So as 2010 begins, I am thankful for the opportunity to grow closer to and deepen my relationship with God. I am praying and Believing God for a healthy and happy year. I am also asking God to open my ears so that I can clearly hear Him and know what it is He wants me to do with my life.

I was led to Angie Smith's blog, Bring The Rain last night and somewhere in her beautiful words and sentiments a phrase stood out to me:

"Speak, Lord. Your servant is listening."

That is how I have begun this new inviting God to speak to my heart and I invite you to do the same. Imagine the blessings that could be in store for us when we openly and fully invite God to speak.

Keep in His grip, friends.


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