Sunday, January 10, 2010

Brisk, Baby, Braces----->BUSY!

Hey y'all!

Sorry it's been a few days since my last post! On Wednesday night we got some snow that kept the kids out of school on Thursday and Friday and y'all know how much I love to have my babies at home:-)

The kids and I were out in it at 8am on Thursday morning! So much for sleepin in on the day off school;-) But I'm really glad we did it early because it has even gotten colder since then, continuing through this morning when it was -2!!! That's crazy cold right there. I'm assuming they will have to go back to school tomorrow, although the snow hasn't melted any that's for sure! But we only got a couple of inches so it should be fine I would think<---but I could be wrong!

We are gearing up for a busy week around here! It has been determined that unless she goes sooner, that Jessica and Jason are going to have little Brayden on Tuesday!!! I am so excited for them and SO EXCITED TO BE AN AUNT YET AGAIN!!! I just can't get enough of these little nephews, can ya tell?! Jessica is supposed to be at the hospital at 830am and they will push her labor along, she's already dilated some so she just needs a little nudge. I.cannot.wait!!

I have an appointment with a cardiologist on Wednesday in STL to talk about my high blood pressure but I'm going to call and reschedule in the morning. There's just too much going on this week. If I were having problems I would certainly keep it but since it's just a consultation, I think it'll be ok to reschedule;-) As a matter of fact, I've mentioned this lightheadedness I've had going on for 3 weeks or so and I think we've got it figured out to be that I am on too high of a dose of my bp med. After all it takes 6-8 weeks to become fully effective and my dizziness started 2 months after I started taking it. So we cut my dosage in half in hopes that it will take care of it. It seems to be much better yesterday and today, and in checking my bp here at home, it's been really low the med seems to be culprit. Good thing. You can imagine the things that go through a cancer survivor's head when she has anything out of the ordinary!

Speaking of out of the ordinary, my mood has certainly fallen into that category the last couple of days:-( Menopause doesn't seem to bother me too much most of the time, but when a "down" mood hits, it hits. But after a 9 mile run and a great church service today, things are looking up:-)

Thursday is an exciting day as well because after 3 long years, Tyler gets his braces off!!! He got some of the back ones off last Wednesday and they will take the rest of them off on Thursday. I can't wait to see him without them! I know he will look so different. I never had braces, but all of my siblings did and they said that you feel as if you are "all teeth" when you get them taken off. Hehe, I think he's excited too but, being the macho teenager he is, he won't show it too much;-)

Well that's what's been going on around here. I hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready for the work week to begin! It's coming, ready or not! Have a good one <3


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Anonymous said...

Yay, Tyler! I'm sure he is excited :)

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