Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Prayers For Kate

Good Morning, friends;-)

I hope you are having a rip-roarin good Tuesday morning! We are in the middle of a deep freeze here in Missouri...it was 2 DEGREES this morning when I woke up! I don't care who ya are, that's COLD!!! And we may have snow on the way tomorrow night/Thursday morning. I have kids who are praying hard for snow days. They don't enjoy them so much come May, though, when they have to make them up.

I want to take just a second to share with you something that has been laid on my heart regarding a 6-year old little girl named Kate McRae. She is in Children's Hospital in Phoenix battling a malignant brain tumor. I can't even remember how I ended up at her site the other day but I instantly felt a connection. I don't know if it's because of the out-of-nowhere diagnosis that I've had myself or the heartache I feel for her mother, Holly, or the fact that I have a 6-year old named Katie.
But however I ended up at her site, I believe was no accident. I feel very led to pray for Kate and her family. Her parents, Aaron and Holly, have placed their strong faith in God ahead of anything that has come their way and is letting Him lead and I can't even imagine how their faith has been tested seeing their child suffer so.
So if you wouldn't mind sending up some prayers for little Kate and her family. They are in desperate need of your prayers and I'm sure covet every.single.one. You can read their journal with daily updates on her condition here. Thank you in advance for every prayer said <3
Today looks to be much of the same. Kids to school, treadmill time, a foundation meeting, and some of the housework that didn't get done yesterday...oops! Whatever YOUR day looks like, I hope it's great and WARMER than it is here! Love y'all:-)

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Kristy said...

So glad I came across your blog - because I had followed the story of Kate when she was first diagnosed - and followed for a while, but lost the address of the blog where I was reading updates. I know what you mean, my heart just broke for her parents as I prayed for her and for them. The last time I had read, they were at home with her after a lengthy hospital stay (and surgery). I didn't know she was back in the hospital. I will continue to pray for little Kate and her family.

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